About Us

North Shores Improvement Association (NSIA) was founded in 1939 to improve the quality of life in our beachside communities.

NSIA represents the area from South Ponte Vedra to the St. Augustine Inlet, and everything in between! We provide the opportunity for our residents to become stakeholders in our future, as well as encourage and support multifaceted activities for the entire community. Volunteer and have a direct impact!

Mission: Our mission and purpose is to improve the quality of life, provide recreation and education to our community. It's important to us that everyone who lives on these beautiful shores feels welcome and connected to the area around them.

Sustainability: Your donations help us achieve these goals, and sustain the 4 acre "Recreational Complex". Since we're a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization your donations are tax deductible!

Our Board Members

Volunteering to Support Our Quality of Life

Fran Windeler

Fran Windeler - President & Art Director

Fran has been on the board for 7 years, holding numerous positions: Current Art Director, Previous Vice President and Vilano Bridge Run Director for 6 years,  After a long career in the financial industry, Fran retired as a Sr. Vice President in Corporate Banking. Her main focus was Program Management and Treasury Management product development.  She managed large scale domestic and international projects.   Fran and her husband Doug are both from the northeast. After moving around the country for their careers, they moved to Vilano in 2012 to embark on their next chapter.  They have 5 children, 8 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter.  Fran’s passion for art started as a child. She received a Fine Art Degree from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Fran freelanced creating portraits for several years until she moved on to her corporate career. Her portraits are housed domestically and abroad. She currently owns “FranScenes Designs”.  Fran recently donated the mural on the firehouse “All Things Vilano”, for the enjoyment of the community.  The Vilano Beach Art Program recently published an art book “ARTISTS’ VISIONS of Vilano Beach and Norths Shores”.  

contact: [email protected]

Jayne Douglas

Jayne Douglas - Vice President & Co Treasurer

Jayne is a committed professional with a long history in the pharmaceutical industry.  As she transitions to retirement, she is looking to support the community for which she lives and is so excited to work to further the mission of NSIA!

Donna Dumas - Co Garden Director & Co Treasurer

Kelly Gilles - Secretary

Aleasha Burnell

Aleasha Burnell - Membership Director

Aleasha grew up in central Florida and moved to the St. Augustine area in 2017.  Aleasha graduated from the University of South Florida with her BS in Chemical Engineering and later went to the University of Florida for her MBA.  She works in the healthcare industry where she is able to apply her passion for making the world a better place.  She joined NSIA in 2020 as Membership Chair to make an impact within the local community.  Aleasha enjoys spending time with her family, all things beach, gardening and traveling! 

Patti Atwill

Patti Atwill - At Large

Cathy Aissen

Cathy Aissen - Facilities Director

After a career spanning 40 years in the Miami Commercial real estate market it was time for the next chapter. I enjoyed the art of financing these properties whether it was a million dollar deal or a hundred million dollar deal they all had their challenges. Renovating foreclosures, leasing space to improve cash flows, and managing properties were all very satisfying tasks. We fell in love with Vilano in the mid 70’s and camped at North Beach Camp Resort every spring and fall. In the fall of 2012 moved to Vilano. Even with all the changes and growth Vilano is a very special place.

Jean Miller

Jean Miller - Co Garden Director

Jean A. Miller served in the U.S. Coast Guard during the early 80's doing navigation on an Antarctic icebreaker. Next, she worked restoring and turning historic houses into B&B inns in Charleston, S.C. while getting her bachelors degree from the College of Charleston. After many years, Jean earned a PhD in Science and Technology Studies (STS)--focusing on philosophy of experiment-- from Virginia Tech.  As a graduate student she rediscovered a love of gardening and foraging as a way to stretch her budget and get outdoors! This love of gardening first brought her into the NSIA fold through the Vilano Community Gardens over 5 years ago. Jean has also taken up running, another interest she developed by working with NSIA on the always fun Vilano Bridge Run! Most recently she has publicly embraced her crazy cat woman status by taming and adopting 3 feral kittens.  As she was also working full time tearing down & rebuilding a house, teaching, and doing various other odd jobs. (And yes, having a footnote is an irredeemable side effect of having a PhD!) 🙂

Sacha Carol Ann Martin

Sacha Martin - Historian

Before coming to Florida, Sacha was a corporate planning and development analyst and manager of information resources for a Fortune 500 company, did shareholder relations for an American Stock Exchange company, and was Commodore of the Overseas Yacht Club.  Here she has served on the Board of Directors for several organizations:  St. Augustine Yacht Club, St. Johns Audubon Society, the St. Johns County Civic Association Roundtable, and was appointed to the County Vision Steering Committee and Board.  She served on committees for the Island of Abaco exchange program and was on celebration committees for the St. Augustine Trust for Historic Preservation, including as host director for visiting folkloric dance groups from Spain.  Currently an active member of the St. Augustine Airport Pilots Association, Sacha is on the board for Vilano Beach Town Center Main Street, the North Coastal Corridor Design Review Board, and has been Past President of North Shores Improvement Association.